Directors & Management
Medical Distributor Alliance Ltd. was created in 2004 to satisfy a vision of creating a company that was dedicated to the distribution of leading global brands and support of the surgical community in Hong Kong.
The founders and management team have a collective experience that is unrivalled and focused in surgery based on years of academic, engineering and commercial experience both in domestic distribution, Asia Pacific business development and manufacturing. Medical Distributor Alliance Ltd. knows its business.

Medical Distributor Alliance's mission is to create an organization that is valued and respected by its customers and partners – to become
A Trusted Partner in Surgery.
Directors & Management
Medical Distributor Alliance Ltd. was founded by Lee Edwards and Lunwen Zhang (Adrian) with a collective experience in the healthcare, and in particular the medical and surgical device sector, spanning over 4 decades.
Lee Edwards FRSA
Lee Edwards FRSA has over 35 years experience in the surgical sector. From an engineering background he has held senior, director level, positions in blue chip healthcare companies around the globe including Olympus Corporation, Smith & Nephew Plc and Frankenman International Limited where he was President and Head of Group R & D. This broad experience was complimented with an honorary position at Imperial College London (St Mary’s Hospital Campus) where he helped create a surgical innovation department and led many innovative product and technological developments. He is a recipient of the prestigious Cutler Surgical Award in partnership with Professor Norman Williams and was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Art and Design in 2005 for his work in the healthcare sector.
Lunwen Zhang (Adrian)
Lunwen Zhang (Adrian) is a Hong Kong citizen with wide ranging experience in sales and marketing, clinical research support, and distribution management across Hong Kong, China Mainland and Asia Pacific region. An engineer with an expertise in Surgical Technology and techniques has made him a valuable partner and respected colleague to many clinicians. With senior marketing and management posts with companies such as Crown Winner, NiTi Surgical Co. Ltd Israel his leadership of MDA in Hong Kong has seen its rise to pre-eminent position in Hong Kong with his expertise being sought by leading companies and institutions in the healthcare sector looking to expand their commercial and manufacturing activities in the Asia Pacific region.