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PAJUNK® Eco Balloon Systems
Safety in extraperitoneal and abdominal surgery

PAJUNK® has made a name for itself with its balloon systems for extraperitoneal and abdominal surgery. These proven system solutions combine two core competences of PAJUNK®: The knowhow from many years of production of laparoscopic instruments and the development competence for balloon forms in a very wide range of fields of application.

Optimum production conditions that satisfy the highest demands on clean room technology form the basis of the quality guarantee for the high-grade products Made in Germany.

Against the background of the growing pressure of costs in the health system, the PAJUNK® Eco balloon systems offer an economical solution in every respect, as they combine the reusability of the high-quality components with cost effective disposable components. In concrete terms this means: You invest once in the high-quality components – the high precision reusable valve fitting and the corresponding obturators as they can be reused.

With the great advantage that these can be combined with all types and forms of balloon, and can therefore be used for a very wide range of applications. The other components – in particular the balloons – are disposable components, are sterile packed and hence immediately ready for use.

Key Features and Specifications

Eco-Balloon System
Blunt reusable obturator for unilateral and bilateral dilatation Balloons.
Three different balloon forms are available for unilateral and bilateral hernias.
Permit an optimal, fast and effective dissection of the preperitoneal space with direct visualization

Ring-anchor balloon system
Offering two different balloon systems for securing the working access.
Suitable not only for the TEP hernia surgery, but also in particular for accesses with the Hasson technique in abdominal surgery, in bariatric, urological and gynaecological surgery.
Providing the surgeon with a securely anchored, gas-tight access to the preperitoneal or intraperitoneal space.

Structural balloon system
Particularly suitable for the preperitoneal access.
Assist in separation of peritoneum and abdominal wall
Preventing the collapse of the preperitoneal space in the event of a loss of gas.
Preventing contamination of the laparoscope lens.