Applied Medical Lap Instrumentation

– Epix Universal Clip Applier
– Low profile jaw allows for max visualization and clearance around the issue to be ligated.
– True M/L clip allows for greater clip retention.
– Superior Clip Retention
– Features TiGold clip technology, ensuring reliable closure and secure retention
– Epix Scissors
– High performance blades sustain sharpness throughout duration of procedure.
– Low profile design eliminates protrusions, enabling full insulation down to the blades
– Epix Graspers
– Clinically proven latis pads gently engage tissue, reducing the pressure necessary to maintain traction.
– Handle design incorporates the ability to grasp and lock tissue as desired, ensuring precise control
– Epix Dissectors
– Curved jaws enhance the grasping, mobilizing and cauterizing of tissue.
– Tapered, serrated jaws provide traction to engage tissue.